12. Wall (02/02/20)

Ten year old Eve looked up at the structure that towered above her. “It’s a wall.”

Lloyd laughed at the simplicity of the statement, “It is, indeed, a wall.”

“It wasn’t there last month.” The customary frown the girl usually wore was back on the face.

“That’s true. You haven’t been down here since then, so you wouldn’t have seen them building it then would you?”

“Why do we need a wall?”

“To keep bandits and the likes out.”

“There aren’t any bandits, the only people that come in from outside are the farmers.”

“It’s just in case. People feel safer with it here, it gives them peace of mind.”

“But it’s in the way! I won’t be able to see the farmers coming in anymore! Or any interesting people.”

“Oh? Who would you call interesting?”

“That posh lady that talked funny, and the man who told all the stories, and the other one with him that said he was part of a resistance.”

“The wall’s there to keep the resistance out too, we don’t need them in the town?”

“Why? What have they done?”

“Lot’s of bad things. They destroy possessions and land belonging to the government.”

“They burnt the statue down, but no one liked it anyway, so why’s that bad?”

Lloyd sighed, and irritably ran his hair through his fingers. “We should go back to the farm, you have work to do.” And with that he turned on his heel and walked away back their home.

Eve continued to look at the wall for a few more minutes. “Stupid wall.” And then ran after Lloyd.