11. Masquerade (01/02/10)

Sarah spun her daggers round and back into her sheaths in one of those flashy moves that served no purposed than to look cool, even if there was no one left alive in the room to see it. Although technically, they hadn’t been alive in the first place either. She walked out of the only door in the room, carefully avoiding the piles of dust on the floor, and headed straight for the outside door. Exiting the building, she stood outside on the grass, looking up at the half moon as her breath frosted into crystals in front of her. When she heard the crunch of footsteps on the frozen grass behind her, she didn’t bother to turn around, knowing full well who it was.

“How long can you keep this masquerade up?” A deep voice asked.

“As long as I want to. It matters” she said simply.

“They’re going to find out about it sometime.”

“It’s entirely possible. But until that happens it continues.” Sarah continued to look at the moon. “I like my mask.”

“That’s childish, and you know it.”

“I don’t care, and neither do you. You should remember I’m not one of you anymore.”

“Not in name. But I think you’re hiding that under your mask as well.” The crunch came again as he walked away.

Sara stood outside in the cold, still looking up at moon. “It’s my masquerade, no one knows what’s behind it but me.”