9. Fear (01/02/10)

Michelle’s breath came in short sharp bursts, ripping through her lungs as she ran. The fear coursed through her veins, making her heartbeat throb in her ears. She didn’t even know where in this labyrinth of corridors and rooms she was anymore, all she knew was that she had to get away from them, the overlord and his huge henchmen. She didn’t want to be involved in this, but she’d never had a choice, the only thing that she had ever done was be born, but that was enough. Sobs started to burst through the ragged gasps. She was so scared, and there was no one there this time, she was on her own.

She rounded the corner, and stopped so suddenly that she fell over in shock. Valentin’s number one bodyguard was there. He turned at the noise, and grinned evilly. “There you are princess, we were getting worried.” He started towards, her, reaching out a hand as another sob escaped from Michelle.

He felt and heard the roar before she saw it rush over her hand, an energy bolt hitting the man smack in the chest. It was like it was in slow motion as she saw it hit, spread over his skin and throw him back off his feet, to fly down the corridor into the wall at the other end. She turned round to see Mae standing there, gun outstretched and purring softly as it charged back up. “You alright there?”

Michelle nodded as she gulped down her sobs. Mae walked out of sight to go check the unconscious bodyguard as Mihal came running round the corner, and instantly gathered the girl up in his arms, “There, there. Don’t cry, there’s nothing to fear now, we’re here.”