This is a catalogue of interesting/strange thoughts I’ve had this week. Most of them on bus rides. I’ll be adding to this as the week goes on.

Had some interesting thoughts on the bus ride I took today. The most unusual of which was looking down the packed high street and wondering how many pints of blood there were currently on that street and how deep it would cover the street if you spread it out. I choose to think of this as a scientific interest in the biology of humans and not as something completely morbid.

Was lying in bed last night and saw some lights being thrown on the wall. Reminded me of a sky-line. Possibly russian, but it could also be futuristic. I was too sleepy to tell properly.

Again on the bus home today, it was raining so there was condesation on the window, as I usually sit right up front on the top deck as it offers lovely views. Through the window there were lots of different coloured lights, there was red from tailights, white from headlights, orange from streetlamps, green from traffic lights and blue form the police car and then the fire engine. It was very pretty, and when I took off my glasses to look at it, it was even prettier as everything got very blurry. Reminded me of a river, but lanes of traffic often do. Also big games of leapfrog. That’s what motorways are.