8. House With a Picket Fence (01/02/10)

Leah stood on the balcony of the warehouse, looking down at the men scrabbling around as they unloaded the shipment of guns that had just come in. “Oh, there you are.” Leah turned her head towards the voice, and saw Marianna coming towards her. “Hi, what’s up?”

Marianna leaned against the railing next to her, “Oh nothing much. Your dad’s looking for you but in a roundabout sort of way.”

“Ah, he can wait. As far as he knows I could be at work.”

“Hm.” She agreed in a non-committal way. “Why did you go work for the government? I mean you are the daughter of a crime lord, and do they even know that for that matter?”

“I don’t think they do know.” Leah said, as she took another draft from whatever was in the bottle she was holding. “And I took the job because it interested me. Where else could I travel the world and get paid to shoot people?”

“But you still keep up with things here. You could have just left no one would have blamed you. You could have just gone, started your own life and gotten your house with a picket fence.”

“Heh, you always say things in such a weird way. I like what I’m doing now, and if I left I’d miss you guys. Besides, the picket fence is overrated.”

“Leah!” A voice bellowed from below. She looked down to her dad standing there. “Yeah, I’m coming.” ‘House with a picket fence? Nah, this is much more fun.’