6. Empty Threat (01/02/10)

“Dammit Light, when are you going to stop this?” Raquel complained.

Her twin looked at her from over the counter. “I can’t stop anything if you don’t tell me what I should be stopping.”

“Going off whenever you feel like it, and never getting in contact. It’s not fair to me.”

“You know why I have to go, and I don’t keep in regular contact because sometimes I can’t. You should know by now that it hurts me as much as it hurts you, but I have to do this. For everyone’s sake.”

Raquel sniffed and turned away. “I should just stop talking to you, if you’re not going to stop.”

“That’s an empty threat and we both know it.” Light came up and hugged her twin from behind. “There’s nothing going on right now, so I can stay here as long as that lasts, which should be a long time considering what’s just happened.”

Raquel sniffed again. “Promise you won’t go anywhere before our birthday?”

Light smiled, “Promise. We’ve still got to show those boy’s of yours what we can do.”

Her twin turned around and hugged her back. “True.” She murmured. For now it was enough that Light was here, and she was going to enjoy it while it lasted, for Light was right. She could never sever ties with her – it was always an empty threat.