4. Frustrated (31/01/10)

“Urgh! Why won’t you fit!” Kevin had to duck fairly quickly as he stepped into the room to avoid the flying object. It bounced off the wall and fell to the floor, enabling him to see that it was Ashley’s writing board, complete with papers that were now gently floating down around him.

“What’s up?” He asked with a cautious tone, just in case she still felt like throwing things. “It’s this song! I can’t get the words to go with the music, or the music to go with the song, or anything, it just won’t fit!”

He crossed the room, picking up the sheets as he went. “That sounds frustrating. Have you considered changing tracks entirely? Making two different songs instead of trying to mash these together?”

Ashley leaned over the back of the sofa, running her fingers though her thick, black hair. “I did,” she admitted, “but I made them and in my head they went so perfectly together that I don’t want to split them up. It’s just reality being stupid again!”

Kevin laughed. He looked over the scripts she had been writing. “Ash, you’re one of the most gifted songwriters I know, if you say it’s meant to work, then I believe that you’ll find a way to make it so.” He walked over and out the scripts down next to her. “Dinner’s in a half hour, see you then.” And with that he left her to it.

She sighed and leaned further over the sofa, till she could see out of one of the skylights, and the clouds passing idly by. She let out long slow breathes, letting out the frustration with them. Quite by chance and interesting cloud formation caught her eye, and with it a flash of inspiration was born. She took up her pen and new scores and began to piece together the music that had been eluding her.