2. Smile (31/01/10)

Bri stood at the window of her study, looking out over the grounds on which she had set the fairground in. She could faintly hear the sounds of the mages enjoying themselves. The weather was gorgeous, and she couldn’t help but smile at the scene, even if she couldn’t join in.

Mildred entered through the double doors, another stack of paperwork held in her hands. She saw the figure in the window and sighed. “You could take this more seriously, you are the leader of the mages, and you should encompass all sides of the responsibilities of that position.”

“It’s only paperwork Mildred, and if it really needs taken care of that badly you should put it on the urgent pile. Besides, smiling is good for you. If it stopped the world would really be in trouble.” She turned away from the window and stretched, walking back over to her desk. “But this is starting to get ridiculous, so I guess I do need to do some of it.” She said, eyeing the four foot stack that currently adorned her desk. She sat down, brought out a pen and starting reading through the first sheaf of papers.

“Thank you.” Mildred turned to leave and had put her hand on the door to leave when Bri called her. “Mildred?” She turned, to look back at the young women, whose chin was resting on intertwined fingers. “You should go outside and join in. It would do you good to smile once in awhile to.” She then turned back to the papers, as Mildred left the room. “Smiling is good for the soul.” She said to herself.