Welcome to 2011 people, and despite what the man on the tv said, this is not a new decade, that was last year. Years that end in 0’s are new things, not 1’s.

I sent out a text at midnight to everyone saying Happy New Year and a pox on the old, and then I thought about it. 2010, wasn;t actually as bad year as I intially thought. Nothing really bad happened, and quite a few good things happened, like I got myself an boyfriend :), passed the first year with good marks, didn’t go on holiday which was unusal, usually we go abroad at least once a year. This year should be good though as I plan to do a lot of things, Got Maelstrom happening, first one at easter, already got my ticket, should hopefully be going to New York as my 21st Birthday treat, also turning 21 is a pretty big thing. Should pass this year and go into third year, hopefully I can work towards the first I want. Want a first, will be happy with a 2:1. So things to look forward to, happy new year to you all!