Well I would love to do a complete post about Sabbat like I did for the other two games, but I don’t know the old system as well, so I can’t give you a run down of all the nitty gritty bits. But I can tell you all about what the Norwich Sabbat do. First of all, here’s a list of all the clans you can be. Old World of Darkness has clans but not Covenants. We have packs in the Sabbat, but their specific to the game, not to the rules.

  • Assamite
  • Brujah
  • Followers of Set (Settites)
  • Grangel
  • Lasombra
  • Malkavian
  • Nosferatu
  • Ravnos
  • Toreador
  • Tremere
  • Tzimisce
  • Ventrue

I can’t give you all the details on all the clans, but each clan will have three disciplines that are their natural disciplines, or in-clan disciplines. I play a Lasombra, name of Tem (yes that is short for something, part of the character is that she doesn’t say what), who have Potence (the ability to hit really hard), Dominate (the power to take over minds) and Obtenabration (the power over shadows). I have maxed out dominate, and I’m working on some skills (computers, electronics and security) so that I can break into anywhere. It comes up a lot. After that I plan to get obtenebration, as the last level lets you turn into shadow yourself, which would be so cool and really useful when breaking into places. Lasombra are meant to be dignified, but my character was 19 years old when she was turned and isn’t quite a year old as a vampire (embraced in february 2010) so I’m playing her really young, which means that half the time I act like the malkavian’s (insane vampires) and I have actually been mistaken for a malkavian, which was hilarious.

Right, the Sabbat. In the setting of the world there are the camarila, who are very orderly and want to make nice with the humans and blend in and things (bit like requiem in new WoD) and then we play the Sabbat, who are vampires and know they are vampires and that human are our food. We have a bishop (call him a prince and he gets annoyed), who is Bishop Alexander Durant (played by Jarval), and he has his Paladin Kitty (played by Ellie) as well as some important NPC like the grey canite (I’m not sure who he is or what he does, and apparently that’s a good thing ???) and the inquisition and an Archbishop. I haven’t been playing long, so I haven’t really come across the NPC’s much. Apart from the Fey, which is a current plot point. From there we have the packs. There are three old packs and three newish ones (we’ve had a lot of new players lately and there was really no room in the old packs, so we had some new ones formed) Each pack has a Ductus (leader) and Priest (spiritual advisor) The oldies are: The Misfits (Ductus Bug, Priest Zakir); The Reavers (My Pack! Ductus Mike, Priest Domingo); and The Shade (Ductus Martin, Priest Bella). And then the three new packs: The Asylum (A pack of malkavians. Ductus Melchiah, Priest Arial); The Establishment (Ductus Plex, Priest James); and The Strays (Pack of gangrel. Ductus Face, Priest Jason).

I like my pack, as it’s quite diverse. We have: Ductus Mike, Brujah; Priest Domingo, Lamsombra; William, Ravnos; Dr Stevens, Tzimisce; Jaques Shannon, Settite; Solomon & Jen, Malkavian; Tem/Me, Lamsombra; and Ramirez, newest member Brujah. We used to have Hunter, Gangrel, as well, but he switched packs to the strays. So we’re quite a diverse group and have access to most disciplines. Kitty also used to be a member, and is currently teaching me security, in exchange for some other skills.

Biggest plot that happened recently was over the Sabbat weekender, which is exactly what it sounds like. We spent a weekend playing Sabbat, and actually managed to kill an antidiluvian (really low generation vampire) who was also a sort of god. So yeah, we got some cool stuff for that, and it was really cool as well. Oh yeah, big part of the game is your generation. The original vampire was gen 1, he then sired gen 2, they sired gen 3 and so on and so forth. You normally start out gen 13, but can buy up gens when you created your character, although because of the mithras thing we now start out at gen 12. Currently I’m gen 9. Generation is important as that limits the amount of blood you can spend a round, the maximum number of traits (mental, physical and social) that you can have, maximum and minimum willpower, and once you hit gen 8 you can learn post-advance disciplines. Most disciplines have a maximum level of 5, get to gen 8 and  you can learn the 6th level.The Bishop is gen 8, and they are maybe a couple of other players who are as well, but no ones higher than that. The antidilivan was gen 4 I think. The higher the gen, the more dick hard the vampire essentially. You lower your gen by diablarising a vampire (killing it by draining all of its blood). So that’s basically Sabbat. It’s fun, and there’s a lot of action which makes it very different to Requiem, and I like that. Next game end of Jan, yay!