Day 29 – In this past month, what have you learned.

I’m at university, so a fair bit. The module I’ve just finished were: a geophysics modules, so stuff about earthquakes and volcanoes and magma; and oceanography module, which involves the sea and currents and Antarctica; and a programming module, in which we did matlab, c++ and java, as well as some methodology stuff which was really quite interesting.

All of which I find very interesting, but its way too much to put down here I’ll leave it at the basics. I also learnt some bits and bobs about the human body today, because we went into the flotation pool, which is full of minerals so I was reading the chart which explains all the different ones they put in there and what some of them do. Essentially they’re good for skin and teeth and hair, and some of them produce happy hormones, which is a plus.

I’m sure the challenge is trying to coax something philosophical with this question, but all I’m going to mention is facts, because you pick up all that life stuff naturally, and it’s hard to explain unless you in the situation where you need to use the knowledge, and half the time you don’t even realise you’ve picked up the knowledge until you realise you know what to do in an unfamiliar environment. Oh well, I’m a science student for a reason.