Day 20 – Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

The day a piece of paper and two ounces of gold can change anything is a day I shall never see. Yeah, marriage is not on my things to do list right now. I’m at uni for fricks sake, I have loads of things I still want to so. Although if I ever did want to get married, I have a pretty good idea of what my wedding dress would look like. It would be made by my mother, because she is awesome at making things like that and has made one of her friend’s wedding dresses in the past. I think it was around that time that she said she would be making my wedding dress for me whether I liked it or not. I like the idea, but it’s a long way off if ever. She has to rely on my brother from kids first. I may be older, but I seriously don’t like the idea of having tiny little things that cry all the time. True, I get maternal over babies, when they’re quiet. But that may be because of the knowledge that I can give them back at the end of it. And no, I don’t mind about changing nappies. I used to babysit, it’s not gross to me at all.

I do have a boyfriend. And I sincerely hope that I stay with him for a good long time. He’s quite cute, and is already getting pouty over me going home for two weeks over christmas, which makes me laugh. With all the communication networks that exist right now (Facebook, msn, Skype, other chatrooms/forums) it’s not going to be hard to stay in contact with each other. But he is awesome, so I hope that we stay together for a good long while yet. I do plan to stay in Norwich after graduation, so that helps.