Day 13 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Well I’m up now, so I might as well do today’s challenge as well. Someone who has hurt me recently………. I must be really lucky because I cannot think of anyone. Except my doorframe, I keep stubbing my toe on it, and that bloody hurts. So in the interests of the challenge:

Dear Doorframe,

I know it isn’t your fault that you cannot keep yourself on the floor, your slapshod construction is indeed in line with the rest of the house, being what it is. But I want you to know, that everytime I come through that door, and don’t remember to pick my feet up, you hurt me, in my toes. I wish you to know that this is deeply upsetting to me, and has on one occasion brought me to tears, as I thought that you may have indeed broken one of my toes. As it turns out you didn’t, which I’m sure must be a comfort to you, as I think you would not want to deliberately hurt anyone. All I’m asking is that you lower yourself by about 3mm, so that you don’t stick up out of the carpet so much.

Yours sincerely, PrincessOfDragons.

Ahhhh, Sarcasm.