Day 10 – Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

Right, well I can’t concentrate enough to actually do my coursework, so let’s do something else instead.

Hmmm, tough one. Mainly because my musics tastes are quite wide and I get bored of a song and then find it again and I just love music in general really, I find it weird doing anything without music. I’ll try to list some of my favourites, and what i currently like though. Music tends to make me hyper and happy, so most of the songs I listened to can come under those two headings. Also I am mad, proven official fact, so that’s just another applies to whenever I listen to music. When I’m bored I’ll try to listen to something with a beat, as I find that those are the best songs to get un-bored with. If I’m slightly sad this comes under the same as bored, I’ll use music to snap myself out of it. If I don’t want to listen to music, that’s when I’m really sad and you should probably start worrying.

At the moment, the two latest songs that I’ve downloaded are Poison by Nicole Scherzinger, and The Flood by Take That. I like that Take That are back as a five again, although I’ve always liked Robbie himself, so that may have something to do with it. I’ve also been listening to a bit of japanese music, the opening and ending theme tunes of an anime I like. I also like a lot of Pendulum and Ellie Goulding’s latest stuff. Although, as I have said, my tastes change fairly often, and I tend to download a couple of new songs every week or two, and then listen to those constantly. Used to drive my mum crazy with it on my CD player. Now I have a iPod, which is fantastic as I can have it really loud and no one complains.

One thing I do with music is link it to one of the stories I write, or plan to write anyway. So at the moment the two stories I’m focusing on are one about a necromancer, and another about Mages and the truth of magic. So a lot of the music I’m listening to lately are things that I connect with those two stories. At some point I’ll make a story category and put some of my idea’s up there. Along some bits that I actually have written.