Since most of my life revolves around games and gaming in general, and is what I would happily spend most of my life doing, it makes sense to have a portion of this blog devoted to games. For starters I’ll talk about the various games I’m involved in, and try to explain them to you. I’m not incredibly good at explanation, so you’ll have to bear with me though them, but I can also talk about all my characters and plot and the games in general, which is what I enjoy doing in real life so writing it down here as well will make me happy. Although I shall only be talking about plot that has happened, not plot that I am going to make happen, because I can’t control who comes and sees this. Anyway, I’ll start that soon, but this evening I get to go out with my dad for a nice meal, so I’m going to try to work my wardrobe round to being smart-casual whilst still being warm enough to go outside!