Day 07 – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

And finally Sunday’s Entry: Day 07.

Someone – my mum.

My mum has an enormous effect on my life, I’ve seen her go through a lot (my parents divorced when I was 7) and come out on top, she’s the person I most look up to, although when I find myself using her habits it makes me despair a little. Looking forward to going home and seeing her for the first time in months at christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love living away from home and probably couldn’t go back to living there, but I do love my family to bits and wouldn’t want any one else. Reminds me of one of those cheesy magnets – If mothers were flowers I’d pick you.

Something – Dice.

The dice are representative of the games society, which without a doubt, is the biggest thing to have affective since coming to uni. They are a bunch of people, who are nearly as weird as I am and I have the best time with these guys, doing activities I never dreamed of before learning about this society, but loving it to bits as I play them. As well as the normal activities that happen weekly, like boards and card game, Live Games and LARP, I’ve hopefully got a place in a new tabletop game that’s starting up which looks really interesting.  I absolutely love this society, so hopefully when I run for next year’s committee I’ll get the job I’m after!