Oh Gods it’s december. When the hell did that happen? And yes, I’m aware it was 3 hours 44 minutes ago. Stop being smart.

Also I think I’ve become an insomniac. This may be due to Zombie Larp over the weekend, or it may be because all the insomniacs I know have been getting sleep lately, and thus have passed their insomnia onto me. I favour the second theory.

My room is cold. I want to know why we don’t have the heating on 24/7. I shall endeavour to fix this tomorrow.

I have a cravings for garlic ciabatta sticks that you get from bella italia and mozzarella cheese.

I’ve just watched the 27th episode of Full Metal Alchemist. It’s awesome, but my brain is hurting at the moment. Tried drinking water, just makes me need the loo more, although since I went out and brought toilet paper this is less of a problem.

I really am rambling. I may try the sleeping thing again.