For those that don’t know, the Hive is the coffee shop in UEA Union House. Currently we are between lectures so there are a bunch of us sitting here just killing the time. Right, going round from my left we have:

Me, Ruth, Luke, Seph, Millie, Alfie, Susan, Dan, Sam, Richard.

We’ve pushed two table and many chairs together and have made a sort of blob in the middle of the floor. At this time most students have buggered off as lectures for the day have finished. The only reason we’re here is because some of us have a lecture in 15 mins, and most of us are in the anime society, which has on of its screenings on a Tuesday. I may write another one during the screening, as I do like anime, and it’ll be fun for me to talk through the different things we’re watching at the moment.

But back to the Hive, quite a few of us have started up blogs at the same time, and Luke’s just gone on Neopets and has now got Seph playing it as well. I am also tempted to go play it as well. Unsurprisingly my Neopets is a Shoryu (a chibi dragon for those that don’t play it). Other people are playing minecraft, which is an awesome game, if incredibly buggy as it’s still in the alpha stage. It’s basically a building game, where you mine blocks of materials and then make lots of different things. I’m currently building a tree-house, it’s really high and awesome, and will have a water chute down the middle, as they act like elevators. Breaking the physics engine is fun.

And now people are talking about building a desktop. 24GB of RAM. Maybe a bit of overkill, and also you will never use that much. Actually the interesting thing about computers is that their speed is being limited by how fast electricity can travel down the wires rather than the speed of which the chips can process data. And on that note, I shall be off to my lecture, where we are currently learning about how to screw up (or learning about the inevitability of screwing up) in huge scale industry IT projects. It’s actually fun.