Well I thought the 30 day challenge thing would be a good way to introduce myself fairly well, but i find myself wanting to write more, so I’m probably going to have side posts as well.

Right now there is a lot of snow. I live in Norwich currently, it’s fairly cold and windy and rainy here anyway as we’re right on the front to get three of the major fronts that can pass over the UK (I’ve done a bit of meteorology in my time, I know random facts like this). I don;t like snow, rather, i recognise the potential for snow, but most the time when it’s snowing, there’s somewhere I have to be that I’m not and travelling through snow/sleet/slush is a pain in the backside. Although yesterday I got play my Ice sorcerer at LARP, and we had snow on the field, and that was ironically wonderful. Otherwise, I have been perfectly miserable at the weather. The only waterproof shoes I have are my hiking boots, which wonderful thought they may be, are annoying to wear every day.

I’m going to pour myself some more squash. Squash is awesome, because it’s cheap and you gets loads out of a bottle. Currently main-lining the orange. I wish i could treat myself to a new set of winter-wear, but am currently a bit low on funds. So I’ll either have to wait until christmas and the sales or try to find a cheap set. I plan to wait, it’s not worth having if you can’t wait a bit. Although i have found that shops have this annoying thing where they change stock every so often, and that thing you had your eye on disappears never to be seen again. So looking when you actually want to buy the thing is  better, although looking over time means that you can find just want you want. Also yes, I am a shopaholic, I’m one of the few people in my family to have the gene (my mother has no trace of it at all) so I think I have a extra-concentrated one. Which is nice, although there are funding issues. Oh what i would buy if I won the lottery. Probably a bunch of LARP equipment, then a huge shopping trip, and then invest the rest. Slowly, I’ve come to realise the wisdom in saving some of your money. This does not hold true for xp however. I have no idea how people hold onto xp so long, I can never stop myself from spending it on lovely shiny rotes and rituals and new levels of skills.