Day 02 – The meaning behind your blog name.

Right, refer back to day 01 when I said that if you walked into my room you could see over 100 dragons? Yeah, this is pretty much the reason. I have a slight obsession with dragons, actually a pretty big one. I love dragons, they’re the most awesome creature ever. I mean, come on, they can fly and breathe fire and are beautiful creatures in all colours of the rainbow.

One of my favourite series of books are the Dragons of Pern, by Anne McCarthy. I wish I had a Fire Lizard (basically a dragon about as long as your forearm), as those dragons can teleport as well.

Most of the dragons you can see in my room are in posters or statuettes, but I also have cuddly toys and there are dragons on my duvet cover as well. Also dragon jewellery, hmm, idea – I may go and try to find a scarf/gloves with dragons on them.