Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Right, now to work out how to post a picture in this thing. Although first, finding a picture that I’m not ashamed to show the internet world at large.

Right, two pics for you there. One is where I look semi-decent as I cleaned up to go to Royal Ascot with my mum (awesome day, if absolutely freezing), and the other is the reason I will never be near a computer on Sundays.

Interesting Facts:

1) The second picture is of me taking part in an activity called LARP – Live Action Role Playing. A bunch of us (Norwich LARPers) put on our armour, gather up our swords and take to the UEA grounds every sunday and run around fields pretending to be warriors and mages and druids and invokers and the like. Think along the lines of D and D come to life and you’ll be in the right area. The swords and shields are made of carbon cores wrapped in foam, wrapped in latex. We’re not actually slicing each other to bits, we just make out that we are. I partake in this activity every sunday, and thoroughly enjoy it, bruises and all. The character I was playing in the picture was my tiefling (part-demon) warrior Rain. She’s now dead, unfortunately, but she did die defending the city of Brenna against the invading army, which makes it an awesome death. It happens from midday til late, and I’m a late sleeper, hence why i never have enough time to be on a computer on sunday’s.

2) If you walk into my room you can see over 100 dragons

3) Currently I have seven alter ego’s. They’re all character I play in various live games, although four of them are my LARP characters that are still alive.

4)I have a working N64. Retro is awesome.

5)In my wardrobe you can find over £300 worth of shoes and handbags. I don;t have many, I just have expensive ones. Although I don’t wear them all that often. I would, but it’s started snowing, which defeats the point of good footwear.

6)Current song playing on iPod: Only my Railgun. It’s the first opening theme of an anime I love – A Certain Scientific Railgun. I love anime and manga as well. Currently open on my other tab is Full Metal Alchemist, episode 16, which I’m watching my way through.

7)Hmm, this is actually hard. I’m at university (UEA) studying Natural Sciences. It’s an awesome course where you get to make up your degree out of any science modules you choose. I’m currently doing a mix of environmental and computing modules. Rocks in the morning, programming in the afternoon, anime in the evening. That’s what my Tuesday’s going to be like.

8)Depending on what Saturday it is, I can teleport, burn someone to death with a touch of my hand, turn my body into mist, or sit and home and be boring. Saturday’s are when Live Games take place. I’m currently in Mage (human with magic) and two Vampire games: Requiem (political talky) and Sabbat (stab the thing that causes the problem) and do not play in werewolf, hence a boring saturday one out of every four.

9)Okay, until i have more ideas, i’ll make one big post about all the boring facts. Name: Jess, Age: 20, Fav Colour: Green, Fav Food: It changes, regularly. Currently: mozzarella, Occupation: Student, Relationship Status: Recently declared in a relationship on Facebook ^^

10)I’m trying to write novels, fantasy being the genre I prefer. I’m good at imagining, but have issues when it comes to actually writing down my idea’s. Currently have somewhere in the region of 30 books planned. I’m also doing the 101 theme challenge, where you have 101 words of phrases, and then you have to write a short passages based around that theme. I’m currently on no 45 Memory.

11)I wish i had a tail. When something goes right, I say the word ‘swish’ and I would love to have a tail to swish when i say it.

12)I like sets. Whether it be for stationary or accessories like hat, gloves and scarf, I love it when they match. On a related note I like having the same thing in several colours. I have five pots of glass gems in front of me currently: green, blue, red, yellow and black.

13) Carrying on from the last one, I have magpie tendencies. If it’s shiny I’ll play with it. Also string. Batting string keeps me amused for hours.

14)I think that orange juice is a perfectly suitable breakfast.

15)I’m Insane. Fact.

And done! Facts, not so hard. Interesting facts, that took a while.